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USPS Introduces SingleSource ACS™

  ACS™ is an on-piece address correction service that allows mailers to receive change-of-address (COA) and other reasons for non-delivery electronically and reduces the number of manual (hardcopy) address notifications.   Coming in January 2013, SingleSource ACS™ removes the need to handle different ACS notice file formats when dealing with [ Read More... ]

Monday, December 10th, 2012 | 4 comments

Postal Customer Council Request to Update Distribution Listing

    Thank you for your continued interest and participation with the Postal Customer Council (PCC). Throughout the year we hold a number of educational webinars in an effort to keep you informed about products and services. In addition, we offer PCC Café’s that give local PCCs an opportunity to [ Read More... ]

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Let’s Get Social Via Mobile!

 By Phil Catalano, Director of Integrated Marketing We can’t escape it — every day we hear about social media and chances are by the time you read this today you’ve already been on one of the “Big 3” (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter).   According to an estimate by research firm Nielsen, [ Read More... ]

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