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USPS is probably holding a meeting in your area

The USPS is now beginning their effort to reduce operating hours at thousands of post office locations across the country. POST Plan, as the effort is called, is set to reduce hours at roughly 13,000 locations over the next couple of months. However, prior to implementing this initiative, the Postal [ Read More... ]

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Direct Mail Works

by Dennis Lacognata   EDDM, Mobile Discounts, Postnet Discontinuation, Facility closings, Five day delivery, Postal reform!   Where does one begin on the state of the Post office? The good news is that Direct Mail still works. Reports show that businesses are still successfully using direct mail to drive their [ Read More... ]

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2013 USPS New Services and Price Change

The United States Postal Service announces new price and services for 2013. The first ever Global Forever Stamp debuts when prices change on January 27th 2013. Click here to download a PDF detailing these price changes and services for 2013

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