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New Wafer Seal Requirements

Not sure if your self-mailer adheres to the updated wafer sealing requirements that kick in January 5? The latest Prompt Direct EZ Reference Guide has all the details — call for your copy today or download it from our new Knowledge Center at

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Transitioning to Intelligent Mail Barcodes

Effective January 2013, mailings of postcards, letter-size and flat-size mailpieces will need to have an Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) to be eligible for automation prices. Permit Reply Mail and Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) mailpieces will also be required to have an IMb. The POSTNET barcode may be used; however, [ Read More... ]

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Prompt Direct: Brand Building for the Future

In addition to the industry updates and strategic insights they rely on each year, attendees at the 11th Annual Marketing Education Seminar in May received an unexpected bonus — a first look at the new Prompt Direct brand. Why the change? According to Dennis Lacognata, the brand refresh leverages the [ Read More... ]

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